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As an international recruitment and selection agency we have an in-depth understanding of the recruitment challenges facing Europe. We are convinced that it is your personal motivations that will determine your success. On behalf of our clients in the Netherlands we are seeking professionals who are personally motivated to develop a successful career in the Netherlands. Where we find a match we can assist both sides in meeting their business and personal objectives. That's our job!

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During decades of experience in international recruitment in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Portugal, the Netherlands and Spain we have built up an extensive network of international partners. And our service provision goes well beyond recruitment. We deploy our expertise to bring people a step closer to realising their ambitions.

That experience has taught us for example that it is vital that a new colleague is a good match for the organisation they are joining. They must understand Dutch culture and ways of interacting with one another. Collaboration can after all depend on a subtle gesture. It's easy to go wrong: they do things differently over the border. Understanding one another is the best way to start. From the very start of the recruitment process we will make you aware of the cultural differences, so that you are thoroughly prepared for your new job in the Netherlands.


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So you're looking for a new job in the Netherlands and you'd like to talk it over with us?
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